Friday, April 18, 2014


"Because of Him we can start over again, and again, and again."

Friday, March 28, 2014

I am not a blogger.

I am not a blogger but I also can't seem to find time to write in a journal.
So, for documentational reasons, here's a little update on our life as of March of 2014.

We've been married almost 11 months. 11 MONTHS! These months of being happily married have flown by and I can't say I've ever been more content. Sure, we've had some weird curve balls thrown at us in our first almost year of marriage, but boy have we been happy together.

Chase is busy in school and working at the restaurant, which he loves *sarcasm*. He's still up in the air about what field of study he wants to end up in but I know he'll achieve so much in whatever he chooses. I'm so glad I ended up with such a smart and motivated dude who loves me more than I ever thought possible.

I am finishing up my last semester as an undergrad, graduation here I come! And, I've now worked 5 days at my new job at Jive Communications. So far, it's been pretty great. The adjustment from working about 30 hours a week + school, to no job, then to 40+ hours a week + school is not my favorite. BUT! It will be worth it. Actually, it already is. The days are long but the people are great. I feel appreciated and needed. And, despite the fact that I could be the daughter of a lot of my co-workers, I feel more comfortable at Jive already than I've felt at any other job.

Heavenly Father blesses us. We've had trials over the last 11 months but we've tried to look at them as positives (Chase more than me usually, he's so good). I know that Heavenly Father gave us those trials to prepare us for the blessings that followed them. 

Despite the hard times we have had I honestly can't think of a single moment over the last 11 months that I've been unhappy.

So, overall, we are happy. Happier than ever.

More Updates:

You can now call us Aunt and Uncle to this bundle of cuteness. Oh how we love our little Aspen! And we have another niece on the way!

Carrie Bird hit her 1 year mark yesterday. She comes home in September and I'll have a whole 18 months worth of stuff to tell her.

We have almost watched every season of How I Met Your Mother twice now. The last episode is on Monday and I think I might cry, it's like we're losing 5 of our closest friends ha!

Whenever we hear the word taco, we start running. It seems to be our favorite for the last...long time.

My parents + sisters are moving to a new home this weekend, it's a little weird that we only saw their home of a little over a year, once, but they are happy and we can't wait to visit them again! Plus we love when they come to visit :)

I have a stack of books that I look at everyday and can't wait to read in the summer when there's time. CAN'T WAIT.

I got ketchup all over my white shirt today (typical chazz) but my manager's Tide Pen came to the rescue. Who even knew those things could work such miracles!

I still love ice cream.

Our lives are gooood.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Ketchup...or catch up.

We are still alive indeed. Our lives have been so busy ever since we got home from our beyond fun vacation in Vancouver. School started and work continued, our little bro left on his mission, we moved (twice eeek). All sorts of stuff has happened and I haven't even had time to make a video of our Vancouver trip yet!

But to start the game of catch-up here's our wedding video that we LOVE:

Password is chasejenna
Best day ever. EVER.
We've loved being married, almost 7 months now?!, everyday it gets better.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

BC through my iPhone: part two

Jellyfish Invasion at the Vancouver Aquarium, SO COOL, my dream life is still to be a marine biologist. Lonsdale Quay Market & the pretty pier with city lights in the background. View of Deep Cove from our hike to Quarry Rock, soooo beautiful. Walking the dog with my babe. And Whyte Cliff Park/Beach with the girls & two cutie seals. 

Monday, August 19, 2013

BC (and Seattle) through my iPhone: part one

We made it to Canada, whoop whoop. Plane ride to Seattle then a bus ride to Vancouver. We had a few hours to kill in Seattle so we glanced in the Public Farmer's Market, they really do throw huge fish around it's hilarious! And it's true, there's a Starbucks on every corner in that city.
Once we made it to North Van we took a walk down to the Cove, it's so beautiful!
This morning we hiked around Lynn Canyon Park, up and down stairs and over tons of bridges-one of them being a suspension bridge. On our way back over it we thought we were gonna be sick from how many people were on it. I kept thinking of Shrek and Donkey...
Vacations are bomb.
And we're loving being with family that we don't get to see much.

Thursday, August 15, 2013


The cutest Hogan Mitter, we love the dogs.
YUM. Bruges of SLC is still the best though. But these guys' Pina Colada ahhh, so good.
The cutest reception venue for cute Chris & Mallory.
Lovin these pics of my cute sisters, cousins & grandparents.

Aaaand now we're heading to Vancouver to see my family on Saturday, whoop whoop!
See ya!